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1. Louisiana Anna
2. Horsemeat
3. Graveside Blues
4. Long Way Home
5. So Much Love
6. Lotus
7. Monkey Card
8. Ain’t Got That Smile
9. The Other Side
10. God Damn Job
11. Tired Weak Legs
12. Raw Head & Bloody Bones
13. I Belong To The Band

Total time: 47:41

Alligator Love Cry

Scrapomatic, aka Mike Mattison (vocals) and Paul Olsen (guitar), is into blues and pre-blues with a little jazz, soul and even scat singing. Influences cited range from Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Son House and Howlin’ Wolf to Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Taj Mahal and Tom Waits.

The sound is rooted in the ’30s but with a modern twist. In the studio, the duo is augmented by bass (electric and standup, sometimes tuba instead), drums and occasionally fiddle (Kristina Beaty) and horns.

Mattison’s unique voice (he’s also recently joined the Derek Trucks Band as lead singer) brings to mind a raspy Catfish Hodge. Olsen’s arsenal of acoustic, electric and resophonic guitars lend a nice variety to the proceedings, and he can play some tasty slide when he wants.

The album overall has a slippery New Orleans feel to it, with the exception of “Long Way Home,” an oasis of country with a nice turn by Beaty on violin and harmony vocals.

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